Missouri, USA

Grasslands owns and operates 10,500 acres in Missouri, USA. Operations consist of 5 "clusters" of farms centered on the city of Monett, approximately 1 hour from the city of Springfield, (or 3 hours south of Kansas City).

Dairy operations consist of 14 dairy units, 3 sharemilked and 11 managed on 6,483 acres.  In addition, Grasslands has its own young stock (2,344 acres) and feed support blocks (1,673 acres).

Milking 7,550 cows, production is currently 700,000 cwt (2.3m Kg MS).

The dairy season in the US runs from January to December.  Grasslands has a seasonal milk curve based on spring calving with cows being dry from December to the end of January.

Grasslands' Missouri venture is a pioneering project.  Pastoral based dairy farming is not a common model in Missouri.  Much resource has gone into research and development and working with local interests to optimize the pastoral model.  Significant progress has been made and the evolution of the performance of the business supports this.  The current model is a hybrid model with a mix of pasture/forage and the economic use of purchased supplements.

With the geographical spread of the farms, soil types range from predominantly silt loams to clay and gravel based soils.  At an altitude of 1335 feet (407m), average rainfall is 44 inches (1,118mm) per annum.  Summer temperatures average 88°F (or 31°C).  Winter temperatures average is 32°F or (0°C).