Canterbury, NZ

Milking 8,150 cows and producing 3.1 million kgMS, Grasslands owns and operates, 2,700 contiguous hectares on the northern bank of the Rakaia River, between Darfield and Methven in the South Island of New Zealand (approximately 45 minutes east of Christchurch).

The Canterbury business is focussed on low cost milk production with an emphasis on growing and utlizing quality grass.

The continuous nature of the property makes the asset an iconic landmark and provides for operational efficiencies.

Soil types are predominantly Lismore and Ruapuna silt loam containing river stones.

Situated at approximately 300m above sea level, average rainfall is 1,050mm (41 inches) per annum.

Southland, NZ

Grasslands recent growth into the Southland region has been through two separate investments.

  • Redlands is a partnership between Grasslands and Ross & Kristy Conder. This venture was formed in 2016 to operate two farms at Otapiri (just north of Winton). The farms are owned by Dairy Farms NZ and Redlands operates them under the 50% sharemilking model.

    The farms have been developed with a very high level of infrastructure and make for a productive partnership. Currently the two farms milk 1,750 cows and produce 650,000 kgMS annually.

    Otapiri is situated 87m above sea level, with an evenly distributed average rainfall of 960mm (37 inches) per annum.
  • Latitude Farms was established as a wholly owned subsidiary in 2017 to own and operate an 801 ha property at Mossburn, in northern Southland. The property is divided evenly into two separate dairy farms, milking 2,050 cows and producing 750,000 kgMS.

    Mossburn is 300m above sea level, average rainfall is 950mm (37 inches per annum).