Grasslands is focused on strong governance, with this function provided by a highly experienced and qualified Board of Directors who are appointed or elected by shareholders.  Coupled with the Senior Management Team, the Board of Directors has a cross section of skills including: large scale farming, international agribusiness, strategy development and implementation, financial and risk management; and they all share a common passion for the dairy industry.

Board of Directors

Mark Townshend (Chair) 

Steve Atkinson 

Brent Goldsack

Michael Murphy   

Greg Roadley

Gary Townshend

Mark Weldon

Senior Management

CEO - Zach Ward

Canterbury & Southland, NZ

  • General Manager - Shaun Miers
  • Farm Operations - Wally Kalweit, Alan Maxwell, Kelvin Ross
  • Finance Manager - Steven Toole

Missouri, USA

  • Farm Operations - Peter Atkin, Steve Starchurski, Rob Zydenbos
  • Finance Manager - Sarah Crews